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Home - VolFix.Net
Trading analytical platform terminal program for volume and profile analysis of the market. Portal intellectual and informational support of all market participants: professional and novice traders, portfolio managers and financial analysts seeking to adapt to the environment of modern trading using technologies VOLFIX and Market Profile. We have designed and are pleased to introduce you to a multi-level system of education technology VOLFIX and modern methods of professional electronic trading from cognitive, induction courses and webinars to professional prolonged time intensives and workshops. To help you see the internal structure of the market and the hidden mechanism of its development, those key moments movement of capital in the market, which you may not be paying attention earlier, we have included in our program of courses and master classes all the latest trading technology and training based on the structuring and analysis of data on the electronic volume. We are happy to share with you the principles and trade schemes that we have been able to develop and accumulate over the years of live trading experience. The fundamental objective of the portal is to switch your consciousness with the usual and somewhat outdated methods of filing, processing and analysis of the financial exchange information on more modern forms of working with data. And also: expanding your market awareness and self-understanding in the context of trading, the structural development of skills and thinking skills in terms of the statistics on the various financial instruments and for different time frames, both within the course and through continuous synchronization within analytical services . Knowing and understanding the technology VOLFIX completely change your perception of market processes and significantly propel you on your way to a perfect understanding of the market. Well, as you achieve success in trading is a direct result of the addition of countless factors: the choice of timing trades to develop your own trading style and strategy building, from your self-management to a constant cleaning up the sales process, from the time and energy spent on you education, to understanding the results of practice. And most of all - from your passion and desire for results!
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